Traditional hand painted Caricatures from Photos

Whether you are looking to give a caricature as a unique gift for somebody with a wry sense of humour or you want to enhance a publication, a website or your promotional material with some humorous artwork…  or anything in between, I will be more than pleased to discuss your ideas and how I can help bring them to fruition!

Order a caricature or cartoon from me and you will find I am committed to creating the artwork that you want – which in practical terms means keeping you in the loop every step of the way –  from rough draft to finished artwork – Read more about the process of ordering your caricature

I have no ‘one size fits all templates’; every piece of artwork I do is is different but there are some ever popular themes.

Sport provides plenty of material for the caricaturist, whether the subject is a serious Jock or an armchair athlete! A sport themed caricature is always fun to do!

Of course love and romance is always ripe for a bit of affectionate humour! I have loads of examples of valentines engagement and anniversary caricatures and I often get asked to do Artwork for Wedding Gifts and Stationary.

Individual personalized artwork for birthday presents, Christmas presents and retirement gifts are pretty regular but.I also get asked to do larger groups; team caricatures and family portraits from time to time.


This obviously depends how busy I am and how big the job is but also how urgently you want it.

Most caricature commissions are delivered in a week or 2 but if yours is urgent I will prioritise it if can.


As every caricature is different, I have no standard prices –  but with options ranging from simple sketches to full colour, personalised paintings of individuals, couples or groups, I can produce artwork suit a wide range of budgets. If you know already exactly what you want then I will work out a price for the artwork you describe OR if you know how much you want to spend I can tailor the artwork to fit the price. In reality it is usually a bit of each.


email me your photos along with an outline of what you want or give me a call if you would like a chat.

My caricatures are all hand crafted in traditional media – pencil, ink and watercolours. A lot of caricature artists these days concentrate on digital work. Here are a few thoughts on the relative merits of hand painted vs digital caricatures.