A caricature gift for a frantic retirement!

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For some people, retirement is the time to shake off the restrictions of a regular job and really go for it; I think this man is a case in point! This was the brief (no pun intended!):

“Paul has had a load of hobbies over the years and I’d like to capture them along with his main job he has done for 40 years which was a Anatomical Mortuary Technician, so he’s done 1000’s of Post Mortems over the years, he wore scrubs with (white) wellies but can’t find a picture of him in his wellies.
Now onto the hobbies .
He has been a beer brewer, a beekeeper (still is), grown mushrooms, done leatherwork/craft, made candles, baker (including pastries and has also done wedding cakes as well) and finally Sailing.
He has now taken cycling up and has opened his own Holistic therapy shop (ear acupuncture, cupping therapy and Swedish massage)
He also has 3 loving dogs, one is a big oaf (as you can see in the pictures) but all are loveable, the big oaf is called Toko and is a Staffie/Labrador cross, the other 2 are called Miller (brown) and Sasha (Black) and are both Staffies.
Also tried to get his tattoos in the pictures as well.
Look forward to your reply.”

I sent this rough draft:

which met with the client’s approval:

“I’ve been absolutely swamped at work, but yeh first draft looks amazing, is the pile of clothes his scrubs?  could we just have the needles in his ears?  and I’m presuming the tattoos on his forearms will be on.
Toko the cross is a lot bigger than the other two as he’s a cross staffie/lab
I laughed so loud when I got your message yesterday, it’s brilliant, absolutely love it.

I am delighted to say that Ben has enthusiastically approved the final artwork and I am looking forward to hearing how the caricature gift will be received!

The man himself!