Delight your wedding guests with some hilarious quick sketch caricature entertainment!

Quick draw caricature at the wedding breakfast
Caricatures at Weddings

Live caricature fun with an accomplished on the spot caricaturist always goes down a storm at weddings and although I get booked for all sorts of events, weddings are always the most fun! Maybe it is because the guests know each other so well or because all generations are there together – or maybe it is just because weddings are naturally joyous occasions; whatever the reason, people are always very receptive and well up for a bit of on the spot caricature amusement at wedding receptions!

A quick search for wedding caricaturists will show you there are plenty to choose from; hopefully, the quality of the on-the-spot work I have on display here, plus dozens online reviews, will help persuade you to ask me for an all inclusive price!

Wedding Reception Caricatures: mixing and mingling after the ceremony

Between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast is often a perfect opportunity for a walkabout caricaturist to engage with your guests, providing some quality entertainment during a break in proceedings. People can gather round and watch as I work and I usually draw a crowd. A bit of banter is always part of the fun during the champagne and canapes. There will be other things going on – a photographer will need to borrow the guests and the bride and groom will be in high demand. I might be working along side a string quartet or a magician; needing nothing more than a pad and a pocketful of markers I can easily fit in whatever the plan is.

The start of the wedding breakfast is a natural time for me to stop but I often take a break as the guests find their seats and then continue around the tables.

Drawing the Bridesmaids

Table hopping caricatures during the wedding breakfast

It can be great fun to have a caricaturist ‘table hopping’ during a meal , but it is important for the caricaturist not to be too intrusive; Not everyone likes to be drawn while they are eating their main course although some are quite happy with it. At times it is best to hold back and wait to be called over – and of course, it is vital stay out of the way while food is being served. It is worth considering the table layout if you are thinking of having me draw at a sit down meal; ideally there should be enough space to move around easily. Having said that, I pride myself on my flexibility and can fit into any situation; I will normally aim to spread myself out, drawing one or two couples at each table to make sure as many people as possible have a bit of fun whether actual ‘victims’ or the audience in general. Although table hopping can present a few challenges, it can also provide a unique opportunity to ‘target’ selected guests; a visit to the top table is a must and will provide the perfect chance to catch the immediate family and, of course, to capture the bride and groom’s caricature!

Bride and Groom caricature
Never forget the Bride and Groom!

Party caricatures at the evening bash!

Once the wedding breakfast and speeches are over it is party on! With the end of the formalities and the arrival of the evening guests, it is time for everyone to let their hair down and get boisterous! With fewer interruptions, this is often the most productive time for me. Loud music and poor lighting can be surprisingly conducive and I will usually work non stop through a 2 or 3 hour slot.