Traditional hand drawn Caricatures from Photos

Why order a hand drawn caricature?

Increasingly caricature artists are switching to digital media these days and the reasons are obvious. It is a very flexible way to work; changes can be made and undone at the click of a button, elements can be imported and recycled, whole backgrounds can be created by importing a photo. In some cases the ‘artist’ does little more than apply photoshop filters to a photo of the subjects face. If this ticks the box for you then that’s fine – why pay more?

Luckily for me, people are often looking for something more traditional – particularly if it is for a special gift. A traditional hand drawn caricature is an intrinsically one off thing; it can be scanned or photographed but there is only one original and everyone appreciates the value of something truly unique.

Order a caricature or cartoon from me and you will find I am committed to creating the artwork that you want – which in practical terms means keeping you in the loop every step of the way –  from rough draft to finished artwork – Read more about the process of ordering your caricature

See more caricatures from photos on these pages:

This obviously depends how busy I am and how big the job is but also how urgently you want it.

Most caricature commissions are delivered in a week or 2 but if yours is urgent I will prioritise it if i can.


As every commission is different I don’t have standard prices but as a rough guide, the price for a single A3 caricature in watercolours is usually between £80 and £150 depending on how elaborate the concept is. If you have a clear idea what you want, I can give you an exact price – or if you set budget then you can give me a few ideas and I can work to that, Whichever way you want to do it, once we have agreed a price I will always produce a rough draft for your approval first.