If you are looking to book a top rated live caricaturist to entertain your guests – OR – to order a stylish hand painted personalised caricature from photos then you have come to the right place! Here you will find lots of recent examples and reviews of my work and information about my services!. I look forward to hearing from you!



I have been providing entertainment as an on-the-spot caricaturist for over 20 years. I regularly attend weddings, private parties, proms, balls, corporate events, trade shows, office parties… the list goes on; you name it – I’ve probably done it! I love drawing people live at events, I love the attention, mixing and mingling with the guests, the funny banter and of course the hoots of laughter when the artwork is revealed!


I am totally flexible about how I work and can fit seamlessly into all kinds of event. Sometimes it is best to set up in one place with an easel and a couple of chairs – for children’s parties. large outdoor events or trade fairs for example – but 9 times out of 10 a walkabout caricaturist is the most fun for everybody!

Being able to produce fast, consistently high quality caricatures whilst mixing and mingling makes the perfect ice breaker for a wedding reception or at company networking event. Having struck up a rapport with the guests, this often continues with table-hopping as everybody sits down to eat. Then again, after any speeches or award ceremonies are done and people begin to leave the tables, I often carry on into the evening. Hanging out in the bar or hovering by the dance floor, I will attract a constant queue whilst drawing to the rhythms to capture as many characters as I can. Surprisingly, I often find poor lighting, loud music and jostling bodies rather conducive!


Couple caricature


One of the first questions a  lot of people ask me is how many caricatures I can draw in an hour. This varies; it depends a lot on what else is going on and how I am feeling on the day but  12 per hour is the minimum you should expect. With a well behaved audience and few distractions I have drawn as many as 20 in that time (one caricature  every 3 minutes or so!). But choosing a caricaturist to hire for your party is not just about numbers; it is just as much about quality and entertainment value.


Live caricature ation
Peiople love to watch me work!


People enjoy watching me work just as much as I like to be watched! I have a clean confident drawing style and am naturally outgoing and relaxed.

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When I am not drawing  on the spot caricatures I create caricatures from photos (and other humorous  artwork) in the studio!


Charlie and Camilla Caricature

Hand painted artwork in traditional media – check out my Caricatures from Photos!


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