Quick sketch caricature entertainment – the perfect ice breaker for parties weddings and events!

Live caricature fun with an accomplished walkabout caricaturist is one of the go to ways to make your event stand out whether it is is a wedding, a party or a corporate function!

If you have been doing a bit of searching for caricaturists, (or characterturists or ,characterchoorists!!)  you will no doubt be facing a bewildering choice! Read on and hopefully I can at least persuade you to ask me for a quote – if you decide book me for your event you can rest assured that you will enlist an enthusiastic, experienced, easy going professional and a very able exponent of the art (or is it a sport?) of live caricature – don’t just take my word for it; – you can check out dozens of online  reviews from my previous customers.

Caricatures at Weddings

You can hire a caricaturist for all kinds of event from children’s parties to black tie dinners and from small intimate gatherings to large  award ceremonies and military balls – but for me, weddings are always the most fun! Maybe it is because the guests know each other so well or because all generations are there together – or maybe it is just because weddings are naturally joyous occasions; whatever the reason, people are always very receptive and well up for a bit of on the spot caricature amusement at wedding receptions!

Quick walkabout caricatures can fit into pretty much any situation and I am very flexible but usually the day is punctuated by a wedding breakfast and speeches and I tend to get booked either side of this.

Booking a caricaturist to start straight after the wedding ceremony is a popular choice and an ideal chance for me to mix and mingle during champagne and canapes while photographs are being taken – in the summer this will often take place outdoors and it is easy for guests to gather round and watch me work. Dinner time is a natural cut off point but I can also follow everyone through as they go to sit down and ‘table hop’ during the meal if there is enough space to move around. After the main course is a great time to visit the top table to draw key guests and family members as well as the all important bride and groom caricature! In this case, the start of the speeches at the end of the meal is the logical time to stop.

Hiring a caricaturist before and during the wedding breakfast is a great way to add some quality entertainment and to bring people together with some laughter. There will be interruptions and other things going on like photographs and food being served but I am adept at fitting into these situations and enjoy adding something special to the atmosphere of the day. Generally, during the speeches are the only time I prefer not to draw.

In terms of the number of caricatures drawn, the after dinner slot is actually often the most productive time for me to work despite poor light, boisterous spirits and jostling dancers! These might affect the accuracy of some of the likenesses but it is quite conducive to getting into a fast drawing rhythm. Often there are more guests in the evening and there tend to be fewer interruptions. it is easy to mingle when most of the guests are on their feet although it can be hard to chat when the music is loud!

Dinner Table Caricature entertainment

It can be great fun to have a caricaturist ‘table hopping’ during a meal , but it is important for the caricaturist not to be too intrusive; Not everyone likes to be drawn while they are eating their main course although some are quite happy with it. At times it is best to hold back and wait to be called over – and of course, it is vital stay out of the way while food is being served. Table layout makes a big difference to any table hopping entertainer; it is easiest to work around a number of smallish tables with space between them than one large table. Having said that, it is always possible to get plenty of laughs around the room; I will normally aim to spread myself out, drawing one or two couples at each table to make sure as many people as possible have a bit of fun whether actual ‘victims’ or the audience in general. Although table hopping can present a few challenges, it can also provide a unique opportunity to ‘target’ selected guests such as the bride and groom at a wedding or the MD at a corporate dinner!