A Caricaturist for Your Christmas party!

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A live caricaturist is a great choice of entertainment for any occasion and ideal for an informal Christmas celebration or networking event but choosing the right artist can be a challenge with the hundreds of practitioners that can be found on google.

Using an entertainment agency can take a lot of the legwork out of the process but will add substantially to the cost and you will have less opportunity to liaise with artists directly before you book.

You will want to hire someone who can not only produce a decent number of great drawings in the time allotted but who can strike a rapport with your guests and bring a sparkle of fun to the proceedings! Many caricaturists prefer to set up in a corner with chairs and an easel but a walkabout entertainer who can mix and mingle and draw confidently whilst engaging with everyone, is by far the best formula for a stylish and convivial event.

Word of mouth is always good but in the absence of any personal recommendations, it comes down to checking out the examples of the artist’s work and reviews form previous clients. Make sure that the work you see is genuine on the spot material; caricatures drawn in the studio from photos may be impressive but they give no indication of how the caricaturist will perform live in front of an audience and likewise, be sure that the reviews you read are also for live performances rather than commissioned artwork.

If you are considering a caricaturist for an upcoming festive event then why not start by taking a few minutes to browse through the rest of my website where you will find plenty of examples of my work as well as dozens of great reviews. If you are interested in hiring me then let me know the date, venue and approximate timings of your event.

Happy Christmas!

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