A group caricature from photos – a leaving present from colleagues

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I was commissioned by Knight Frank to produce a large format caricature of a group of nine work colleagues as a leaving present.

As usual I first did a rough draft in pencil for their approval before completing it in watercolours so that my clients would  have a good idea of what they were getting.

Rough sketch for group caricature
Rough sketch

Getting the rough draft right is important when working in this medium as making changes after the watercolour has been applied is messy at best. Unlike a digital caricature, the whole thing must be completed with as few mistakes as possible – but what the customer ends up with is a truly unique, one off piece of original artwork.

Finished artwork - A2 group caricature in watercolours
Finished artwork

A lovely review on google made it all worth while for me!

“Charlie was just AMAZING! We commissioned a group picture as a leaving gift and he some how managed to not only dipict a true likeness but also ……” read more